NOPLG Conference

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The National Other Party Liability Group (NOPLG) is an organization of professionals who manage Other Party Liability (OPL) activities in Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) Plans across the nation.  Our annual educational seminars are open to BCBS employees, BCBS subsidiary employees and BCBS OPL contractors.  We bring together participants for workshops, networking, and discussion of issues involving Coordination of Benefits (COB), Subrogation, Workers’ Compensation (WC), Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP), OPL Management and Overpayment Identification and Recovery.

About Us

ClaimShark helps health plans build, scale, and optimize their payment integrity capabilities so that they can most efficiently identify, recover, and prevent overpayments. ClaimShark’s goal is to increase the effectiveness of payment integrity capabilities while eliminating key sources of unnecessary provider abrasion.

ClaimShark is the most powerful and flexible enterprise payment integrity management platform available to health plans. By leveraging our payment integrity command center, health plans can gain complete data visibility for comprehensive performance management and employ our advanced rules engine that ensures compliance, efficiency and most importantly, reduces abrasion and appeals.

AuditShark is a force multiplier for any health plan who is looking for ways to boost the efficiency and performance of their internal payment integrity audit teams. With AuditShark, health plans get analytic assistance to identify the right claims to audit, review them quicker with Clinical NLP and optimized workflows, and recover them faster. AuditShark supports all the major internal audit types, including COB, DRG/Clinical, Itemized Bills, Compliance, SLAs, Provider Contracts, and High Dollar

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2024 NOPLG Conference

09 – 12 April 2024

Seattle Marriott Waterfront,
Seattle, Washington

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