Analytics & Reports


Analytics & Reports

ClaimShark provides the ability to unlock Payment Integrity data and provide insightful information and analysis to the different stakeholders. Our platform consolidates a Health Plan’s data including claims, providers, members, clinical, overpayments, areas of overpayment (concepts), vendor performance, provider appeals, productivity and other key performance indicators to help analyze and remediate the root causes for overpayment and help move over payment identification from postpaid to a pre-paid state.

Our reporting and analytics can be accessed through the following areas:

  • Canned reports
  • Power reports
  • Power analytics
  • Mobile App
Canned reports

A Health Plan can access over 200 pre-built reports related to all aspects of Payment Integrity

Power reports

Power reports give your structured reports with various pre-built filters to access and view insights

Power analytics

With Power Analytics, you get access to drag and drop ad-hoc report building capability to help create reports on the fly. Power Analytics empowers your team with self-serve functionality to help answer market questions and drive insights.

Mobile App

ClaimShark mobile app, built for iPhone and Android devices, gives you real time information on all payment integrity KPI’s to on-the-go management teams and leadership. Information about file loads, rejects, recovery, appeals, productivity, targets and progress can be tracked through the mobile app.