Our automation technology and services help your employees focus on more strategic tasks while we automate business processes. If you have employees working on tasks like offsets, clinical chart validation, itemized bill review, updating internal systems or other administrative tasks, our automation stack can help you improve productivity, accuracy, and efficiency. Our automation services help your get higher savings and productivity without increasing your workforce footprint. Examples of our automation services are as follows:

Chart Validation Audit

If you have your Auditors reviewing charts and pouring over hundreds of pages, we can help improve productivity by indexing the pages that have the relevant clinical information to help with the specific concept. Our Natural Language Processing engine along with our purpose-built AI engine backed by clinical ontologies will pull up the relevant information and help your clinical team maximize their time

Itemized Bill Review

Auditing hundreds of pages of a scanned itemized bill can be a manual, arduous and time consuming process. With our automation services, we can extract the specific lines that are relevant for your concept/edit and help improve your auditor’s productivity. Along with extraction, gathering external information to help classify an outlier or inlier will help with maximizing savings


The costs associated with losing a claim in offset status to an expired status along with the loss of savings is very high. With a tight window to offset claims and minimize potential expirations, leveraging our automation technology & services can help maximize savings.


Higher productivity
Improved efficiencies
Improved success rate
Higher savings
Lower expired claims