Data Hub & Vendor Management

Data Hub & Vendor Management

Payers view Payment Integrity departments as strategic to their business model and a necessary function to make sure Claims are paid accurately. Payers are starting to have a centralized Payment Integrity office that assumes responsibility to bring down wasteful medical spent by identifying inaccuracies before the claim is paid. In their quest to uncover inaccuracies and overpaid claims, Vendors along with internal audit teams plan an important and strategic role. While Payers spend a lot of time identifying and contracting with the right vendor, due to the lack of good technology, they fall short in managing the vendors or capturing the insights that will help move identification from post-pay to pre-pay and close gaps in their systems and processes. Most Payers still manage Vendors with inadequate technologies and capture very little meaningful insights. ClaimShark vendor management platform can help with better vendor management.

ClaimShark helps Payers with all aspects of Vendor Management including

  • Onboarding
    • Data integration and exchange
  • Performance tracking & Management
  • Insights to identify and move from post to pre-pay
  • Competitive insights to better layer vendors by lag
  • Paying vendors with better Invoice reconciliation


Improve vendor efficiency
Reduce administrative costs
Drive higher insights
Higher compliance
Free up internal IT resources
Move more to Pre-Pay